John Calvin and the American Republic

The Imaginative Conservative featured an article from our own Matt Carpenter – check it out at the link below!

The wisdom of men like John Calvin, who taught that original sin sometimes necessitated resisting tyrants and limiting the power of civil government, was understood by the Founders of the United States. Drawing on the wisdom of Calvin and others, they were prepared when the time came to resist British overreach. In time they founded a new government that would limit sinful men from arbitrarily exercising power at will.

For this John Calvin and our Founding Fathers deserve our gratitude.”…/john-calvin…

Matthew Carpenter is a high school history teacher, having taught American history, American government, world history, and economics. He graduated from Jacksonville State University with a B.S. in Secondary Education (concentration in history), and from the University of Alabama with an M.A. in Educational Leadership. Mr. Carpenter has also served as a pastor and associate pastor.