Questions This Dad has for the State University Recruiter who has Come for my Child

In your experience, are Christian students more likely to win unbelievers to Christ or lose Christ altogether?

Will my child be taught critical theory at your school?

Do your professors teach that life accidentally sprang from non-life in a primordial pond of goo while also thinking those that disagree are stone-agers that need a course correction?

Does your college think my child’s Christian school is bigoted and regressive?

Does your college think my family’s church is bigoted and regressive?

During the average four-year undergraduate program, how many undergraduate classes are taught by graduate students, rather than a professor, as the main instructor? (HT DF)

Jesus said when students are fully trained, they will be like their teacher (Luke 6:40). Do your teachers model the Christ-life for their students?

Will my child be taught that gender identity is separate from biological sex?

Is the intellectual climate one where Christian ideas are an option or one where those with Christian ideas are put to shame?

In your estimate, out of every 100 Christian students that arrive on your campus, how many leave as Christians?

How do you handle a situation where a sophomore shows up at the campus clinic seeking an abortion?

Is the environment fostered at your school one where sex is viewed as a beautiful gift from God when expressed within a marriage between one man and one woman?

Would you describe the culture of your school as that of “simple faith” in the God of the Bible or “simple hate” of the God of the Bible?

Would you characterize the outlook of your professors as secular, Christian, or something else?

Will my child be taught that two men can marry and that those who disagree are hateful bigots?

How are professors reviewed annually? What role does research funding have in that review process? (HT DF)

How many sexual assaults are reported on your campus each year?

Have you found that most students who arrive on campus as Christians are salt and light, meaning they subtly sow seeds that counteract the spirit of the age?

Are guest speakers of a conservative or Christian worldview welcomed on campus or are they opposed by a shouting army of students?

John Dewey said the goal of government-run schools should be to separate students from the prejudices of their parents. Do you agree?

What is the full cost of tuition, room, board, and books for a four-year degree?

What is the percentage break down of how tuition money is allocated to the following groups:  professors, athletics, administrators, diversity officers, and equity bureaucrats? (HT DF)

What is the average amount of student loan debt students graduate with?

Would your school hire a professor who was a member of my church’s denomination?

How would you compare the number of students who stop attending church with the number of students that start attending church?

How many hands do you need to count the number of students who graduated from your school last year without having sex outside of marriage?

Is white supremacy defined as a person raised in a family with two loving parents?

Do your professors tend to oppose Christianity in a private, hushed voice, or with open, hostile rhetoric?

Jason Cherry is an elder at Trinity Reformed Church, as well as a teacher and lecturer of literature, American history, and economics at Providence Classical School in Huntsville, Alabama. He graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary with an MA in Religion and is the author of the book The Culture of Conversionism and the History of the Altar Call, now available on Amazon.