Announcing Our Visiting Scholars Program

We are excited to announce the addition of Pastor Chris Wiley to our ministry team.  Pastor Wiley is the first to serve in this newly-created role at TRC called “Visiting Scholar” where he will be visiting Huntsville for approximately one week every other month to teach, preach, regularly contribute content to TRC’s blog and other media outlets.

C.R. Wiley serves as Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Battle Ground, WA where he resides and has been happily married for over 30 years and he has three grown children.

TRC is especially excited about Pastor Wiley’s involvement because his work has already made a big impact on our church, particularly his work on the concept of recovering the productive household, which he has explored in three recent books: “Man of the House”, “The Christian Household and the War for the Cosmos,” and his latest book, “In the House of Tom Bombadil.” 

TRC Ruling Elder, Larson Hicks says, “I believe that the recovery of robust, productive households is perhaps one of the most vital and strategic missions for the church in the times we are living in currently.  A house divided cannot stand.  Far too many husbands and wives are beholden to separate employers whose missions drift further and further from those of the Kingdom of God with every year.  What if our churches were made up of robust households – homes where the children are educated and mentored and where the home is not simply a place to recreate, but is itself an economically-productive enterprise where husband and wife work side-by-side to build an inheritance that their children can take possession of when they come of age?  This is exactly the kind of vision that Pastor Wiley is at the forefront of advancing today and TRC wants to link arms with him in this work.”

Pastor Wiley has written for Touchstone Magazine, Modern Reformation, Sacred Architecture, The Imaginative Conservative, Front Porch Republic, National Review Online, and First Things, among others.  Besides writing and pastoring, C.R. Wiley is an illustrator and a landlord.  He has also been a college professor, a commercial real estate investor, and a building contractor.

His short fiction has appeared in The Mythic Circle (published by the Mythopoeic Society) and elsewhere, and the first book in his young adult fantasy series, The Purloined Boy was published by Canonball Books (2017). He is a board member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, as well as New Saint Andrews College.

He is the host of the weekly “Theology Pugcast” podcast with co-hosts Dr. Glenn Sunshine and Dr. Tom Price which has been described as “3 over-educated Reformed guys riffing on philosophy, theology, and stuff that bugs them.”  A live taping of Theology Pugcast is scheduled in Huntsville on Wednesday, January 19th at 7pm. 

You can learn more about C.R. Wiley’s work on his website here

TRC plans to add another one or two Visiting Scholars to the team in the coming months.