Expostulatio: A Response to Allen Guelzo on a Christian Founding

Intro The founding of the United States is a controversial period in which the founders are the subject of nearly all the controversy. Allen Guelzo has written an article addressing the interminable issue of whether or not the United States was ever a Christian nation. If you are unfamiliar with Guelzo, he is one ofContinue reading “Expostulatio: A Response to Allen Guelzo on a Christian Founding”

An Open Letter to the TRC Teenagers

Dear Teenagers of Trinity Reformed Church, How are you? I am fine. Nice day, isn’t it? With those phatic pleasantries now warmly exchanged; I can get down to the purpose of this letter. I write to encourage you to begin living with the full ramifications of your Christian faith. You must put off childish thingsContinue reading “An Open Letter to the TRC Teenagers”

Evangelicals Know Better

Introduction In 1873 a Greek manuscript of the Didache was found by Philotheos Bryennios, a Greek Orthodox Bishop of Nicomedia. Before this discovery, the Didache was only known from fragments and brief citations. It was written in Syria or Palestine during the late first or early second century. The Greek word Didache means teaching orContinue reading “Evangelicals Know Better”

Male Headship: One Sign you are Failing

Biblical patriarchy expects wives to submit to their husbands. Hyper-patriarchy expects husbands to regularly remind wives of their duty to submit. In contrast to hyper-patriarchy, husbands need to follow the example of the Supreme Head, Jesus Christ, who emptied himself. Male headship happens, not because husbands cluck about submission, but because a husband’s love, language,Continue reading “Male Headship: One Sign you are Failing”

Creativity and the Church: Or, How to Develop Creativity?

Introduction Creative people are needed because God demands a richer vocabulary than words can give. New eloquence is needed to move the borders of intelligibility. Yet, God didn’t make everyone to be a creative person. Some are hands and some are feet. Others are the intuition.[1] The intuition sees how things tend, which means theyContinue reading “Creativity and the Church: Or, How to Develop Creativity?”

Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)

An outline of January Sunday School is found at the end of the essay With the Obergefell decision in June of 2015, the sodomy lobby got everything it wanted. What next? It used to be LGB rights. Now it’s LGBT rights and the “T” isn’t like anything that came previously. Before Obergefell, transgenderism was fittinglyContinue reading “Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)”