Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)

An outline of January Sunday School is found at the end of the essay With the Obergefell decision in June of 2015, the sodomy lobby got everything it wanted. What next? It used to be LGB rights. Now it’s LGBT rights and the “T” isn’t like anything that came previously. Before Obergefell, transgenderism was fittinglyContinue reading “Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)”

The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World

This article first appeared in Salvo 61 Introduction It started with latent unbelief. Not with science or scientific evidence, but with a restrained spirit of revolt, hemmed in only by the bib and tucker of the Victorian Age. The only thing needed to unhem the pretense of Christianity was a book written by the Devil’sContinue reading “The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World”

How Should Christians Remember King George III?

Introduction It’s ironic that Americans think King George III was mad when they’ve been going mad over the “last king of America”[1] for over 200 years. The two Thomas’ started the mania. First, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, published in January 1776, called George III the “Royal Brute of Britain” who had “athirst for absoluteContinue reading “How Should Christians Remember King George III?”

The Authenticity Ethos Versus Biblical Christianity

Introduction The ubiquitous expectation in modern life is to “be true to oneself,” which means the foremost concern and superseding moral imperative is the cultivation of the self.[1] This self-creation assumes that people have the liberty to form their judgments, even when aligned against the Nature of Things. It’s the liberty to ignore the LawgiverContinue reading “The Authenticity Ethos Versus Biblical Christianity”