Is Huntsville an Abortion Sanctuary City?

Introduction Plato once said that mankind is simultaneously capable of censoring injustice and committing it.[1] On October 13, 2022, the Huntsville City Council passed Resolution No. 22-844 about the city’s abortion policy. The Council introduced, amended, and passed a resolution stating the city resources will not be used in investigating and prosecuting abortion-related crimes. TheContinue reading “Is Huntsville an Abortion Sanctuary City?”

John Calvin and the American Republic

John Calvin’s theology, as well as his influence on the civil government of Geneva, significantly influenced the founding of the United States. The Founding Fathers understood well the wisdom of Calvin’s teaching that original sin sometimes necessitated resisting tyrants and limiting the power of civil government, and were thus prepared when the time came toContinue reading “John Calvin and the American Republic”

How is Kingdom Optimism different from the Power of Positive Thinking?

Introduction In 1952 the minister Norman Vincent Peale published his best-selling book, The Power of Positive Thinking. It sold 2.5 million copies from 1952 – 1956 and serves as one of the pillars of the modern self-help movement.[1] It also influenced psychology, sports, health, and religion. Peale was part of a broader shift in evangelicalismContinue reading “How is Kingdom Optimism different from the Power of Positive Thinking?”

Expostulatio: A Response to Allen Guelzo on a Christian Founding

Intro The founding of the United States is a controversial period in which the founders are the subject of nearly all the controversy. Allen Guelzo has written an article addressing the interminable issue of whether or not the United States was ever a Christian nation. If you are unfamiliar with Guelzo, he is one ofContinue reading “Expostulatio: A Response to Allen Guelzo on a Christian Founding”

Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)

An outline of January Sunday School is found at the end of the essay With the Obergefell decision in June of 2015, the sodomy lobby got everything it wanted. What next? It used to be LGB rights. Now it’s LGBT rights and the “T” isn’t like anything that came previously. Before Obergefell, transgenderism was fittinglyContinue reading “Dude Remix (an introduction to January Sunday School)”

The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World

This article first appeared in Salvo 61 Introduction It started with latent unbelief. Not with science or scientific evidence, but with a restrained spirit of revolt, hemmed in only by the bib and tucker of the Victorian Age. The only thing needed to unhem the pretense of Christianity was a book written by the Devil’sContinue reading “The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World”

How Should Christians Remember King George III?

Introduction It’s ironic that Americans think King George III was mad when they’ve been going mad over the “last king of America”[1] for over 200 years. The two Thomas’ started the mania. First, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, published in January 1776, called George III the “Royal Brute of Britain” who had “athirst for absoluteContinue reading “How Should Christians Remember King George III?”