What to do when your boss encourages you to support the moral revolution

The question then becomes, how are Christians to faithfully respond to employers who are pressuring employees to abandon their convictions. Many Christians know it is wrong to capitulate to such requests but might have difficulty articulating why or formulating a strategy to do so. We acknowledge that every situation is different and should be handled differently. Nevertheless, there are several principles on how to faithfully approach the issue.

Review of Anthony Bradley’s Article on Critical Race Theory

Recently Anthony Bradley published an article at Mere Orthodoxy entitled “Critical Race Theory Isn’t a Threat for Presbyterians.” Bradley argues that the Presbyterian Church in American (PCA) doesn’t need a statement or counter-statement to Critical Race Theory (CRT) because in a “confessional denomination, such a statement, or counter-statements, would be unnecessary.” Instead, the PCA (andContinue reading “Review of Anthony Bradley’s Article on Critical Race Theory”

Questions This Dad has for the State University Recruiter who has Come for my Child

In your experience, are Christian students more likely to win unbelievers to Christ or lose Christ altogether? Will my child be taught critical theory at your school? Do your professors teach that life accidentally sprang from non-life in a primordial pond of goo while also thinking those that disagree are stone-agers that need a courseContinue reading “Questions This Dad has for the State University Recruiter who has Come for my Child”