The Sin of Marie St. Clare

Introduction Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin has many villainous characters, chief among them Simon Legree. Another devilish character is Augustine St. Clare’s wife, Marie, who is the epitome of selfishness. Marie sees herself as faultless and her slaves as selfish, explaining to her husband how selfish Mammy is, “I think it’s selfish ofContinue reading “The Sin of Marie St. Clare”

The Complicated Topic of Self-Love

Introduction Americans have been confused about self-love since the nation began. The founding generation operated with the misguided Enlightenment notion that benevolence was natural to mankind. Benevolence, they thought, was grounded ultimately in self-love. John Adams argued that self-love emanated outward in widening concentric circles. Self-love was thought to be the source of benevolence. NotContinue reading “The Complicated Topic of Self-Love”