Understanding Youthful Arrogance

Introduction In Dante’s Purgatorio, pride is the first sin punished. Penitents carry heavy boulders on their back, forcing proud heads to stoop so the gaze of their smug eyes never leaves the earth. Elsewhere, Dante compares proud persons to children, which suggests pride is a characteristic of spiritual adolescence. So, it’s not outside the realmContinue reading “Understanding Youthful Arrogance”

Announcing Our Visiting Scholars Program

We are excited to announce the addition of Pastor Chris Wiley to our ministry team.  Pastor Wiley is the first to serve in this newly-created role at TRC called “Visiting Scholar” where he will be visiting Huntsville for approximately one week every other month to teach, preach, regularly contribute content to TRC’s blog and otherContinue reading “Announcing Our Visiting Scholars Program”

Grandparenting and the Transcendent Summons

If there is to be a generational advance of wise and faithful Christian grandparents, we must construct a definite vision of what kind of grandparent God prefers. And that vision must be right, thereby making other visions wrong. It’s time to publicly admit that there is a distinction between stereotypical American grandparents and a Christian vision for grandparenting. The former sets goals solely on a horizontal plane. The latter is living according to a transcendent summons.