How is Kingdom Optimism different from the Power of Positive Thinking?

Introduction In 1952 the minister Norman Vincent Peale published his best-selling book, The Power of Positive Thinking. It sold 2.5 million copies from 1952 – 1956 and serves as one of the pillars of the modern self-help movement.[1] It also influenced psychology, sports, health, and religion. Peale was part of a broader shift in evangelicalismContinue reading “How is Kingdom Optimism different from the Power of Positive Thinking?”

“The Day of the Lord” and the “Lord’s Day”: Or, What Happens on Sundays?

“This is the day that the Lord has made, / I will rejoice and be glad in it.” These words of Psalm 118:24 often echoed through my rural church just after the hand-shaking time of fellowship just before the sermon, calling us all back into order from the lulliloo of brotherly love. But amidst theContinue reading ““The Day of the Lord” and the “Lord’s Day”: Or, What Happens on Sundays?”

Evangelicals Know Better

Introduction In 1873 a Greek manuscript of the Didache was found by Philotheos Bryennios, a Greek Orthodox Bishop of Nicomedia. Before this discovery, the Didache was only known from fragments and brief citations. It was written in Syria or Palestine during the late first or early second century. The Greek word Didache means teaching orContinue reading “Evangelicals Know Better”

Creativity and the Church: Or, How to Develop Creativity?

Introduction Creative people are needed because God demands a richer vocabulary than words can give. New eloquence is needed to move the borders of intelligibility. Yet, God didn’t make everyone to be a creative person. Some are hands and some are feet. Others are the intuition.[1] The intuition sees how things tend, which means theyContinue reading “Creativity and the Church: Or, How to Develop Creativity?”