Economics Class Catechism

This 12th grade catechism is recited at the beginning of each class What is Thomas Aquinas’ “Student’s Prayer”? Come, Holy Spirit, Divine Creator, true source of light and fountain of wisdom. Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect, dissipate the darkness which covers me, that of sin and of ignorance. Grant me a penetratingContinue reading “Economics Class Catechism”

The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World

This article first appeared in Salvo 61 Introduction It started with latent unbelief. Not with science or scientific evidence, but with a restrained spirit of revolt, hemmed in only by the bib and tucker of the Victorian Age. The only thing needed to unhem the pretense of Christianity was a book written by the Devil’sContinue reading “The Ghosts of Modern Science: How Darwin and Huxley Redefined the World”

The Lost Timeline of Learning

Introduction At the center of cultural reformation is remaking the education system, which requires a lot more than just starting another classical Christian school. In recent decades the church has seen the rise of private schools, classical Christian education, and homeschooling. Tens of thousands of Christians have pulled their kids out of government schools toContinue reading “The Lost Timeline of Learning”


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