Christian “Career Prep”

Assuming they can’t just give it the heave-ho, what should Christian school curriculum do about the flummeries of “career prep” class? What would a Christian “career prep” class look like? Consider four features.

Understanding Hypocrisy

The power of hypocrisy is that it proves something to be false. But maybe not the thing you think. Veganism isn’t proven false by a vegan who has three exception days a week. Her belief in veganism is proven false. Or consider what environmentalism hypocrisy says about the movement. We are told that the situation…

A Word for the High School Graduates of TRC

You’ve heard us talk at church about how the evangelical church is broken. Now you are about to experience some of that brokenness. It can be shocking, disturbing, and disappointing. Consider a couple of things to prepare you for your interaction with Christians from evangelical churches.

Is Huntsville an Abortion Sanctuary City?

Introduction Plato once said that mankind is simultaneously capable of censoring injustice and committing it.[1] On October 13, 2022, the Huntsville City Council passed Resolution No. 22-844 about the city’s abortion policy. The Council introduced, amended, and passed a resolution stating the city resources will not be used in investigating and prosecuting abortion-related crimes. The…

John Calvin and the American Republic

John Calvin’s theology, as well as his influence on the civil government of Geneva, significantly influenced the founding of the United States. The Founding Fathers understood well the wisdom of Calvin’s teaching that original sin sometimes necessitated resisting tyrants and limiting the power of civil government, and were thus prepared when the time came to…

The Sin of Marie St. Clare

Introduction Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin has many villainous characters, chief among them Simon Legree. Another devilish character is Augustine St. Clare’s wife, Marie, who is the epitome of selfishness. Marie sees herself as faultless and her slaves as selfish, explaining to her husband how selfish Mammy is, “I think it’s selfish of…

How is Kingdom Optimism different from the Power of Positive Thinking?

Introduction In 1952 the minister Norman Vincent Peale published his best-selling book, The Power of Positive Thinking. It sold 2.5 million copies from 1952 – 1956 and serves as one of the pillars of the modern self-help movement.[1] It also influenced psychology, sports, health, and religion. Peale was part of a broader shift in evangelicalism…


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